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Beijing Jingfeng Pharmaceutical(Shangdong) Co.,Ltd 


Beijing Jingfeng Pharmaceutical(Shangdong) Co.,Ltd (Formerly Shangdong Boshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), which was established in 1970 and transformed into a limited corporation in 1994. Shangdong Boshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. owns more than 200 employees, including 59 medical engineering technicians among the positions of production, quality control and management. At present, Shangdong Boshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is taken over by Jointown Pharmaceutical Group and has already started the construction of new plant and the improvement of equipment with GMP standard. Shangdong Boshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise with original value of fixed assets – CNY 49 million, which possesses 8 dosage forms, including small volume injection, tablet, capsule, aerosol, cream, liniment, patch and API, 66 kinds of products and 85 registered specifications (product codes approved by SFDA).