Dandong Yichuang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

From year 2000, DANDONG YICHUANG have consistently improved the production line of Lyophilized powder injection , small-volume injection, oral solid preparations, pharmaceutical raw materials, Chinese traditional medicine extraction and preparations. all of these production line have passed China GMP certification.

Currently, DANDONG YICHUANG owned 12 dosage forms, 200 kinds of products, which includes chemical synthetic pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediate, small-volume injection, Lyophilized powder injection , oral solid preparations, Chinese traditional herb medicine extraction and preparations, eye ointment, lotion, etc. Currently DANDONG YICHUANG have annual production capability of 2 billion of tablets, 12 million of small-volume injection, 20 million of Lyophilized powder , 160 tons of chemical synthetic API and 200 tons of pre-extraction of Chinese traditional medicines.